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The Secret Science Doesn’t Want You to Know About

Chris Wood Chris Wood | March 11, 2019

The Secret Science Doesn’t Want You to Know About

Hi, Chris Wood here. Most people think they have at least a cursory idea of the current state of science. They might be wrong. Right now, there may be a lab in the US or elsewhere that holds the secret to eradicating cancer or Alzheimer’s disease... or maybe to a type of longevity we can’t even imagine today.

Find out what my colleague Patrick Cox has to say about it...

Chris Wood
Editor, A Rich Life

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The Secret Science Doesn’t Want You to Know About

By Patrick Cox, Chief Science Officer

One of my biggest frustrations is scientific secrecy.

Scientific journals habitually demand that researchers hide their discoveries until after publication. If a researcher submits an article about an important breakthrough, the journal won’t allow them to release that information elsewhere.

The reason for this exclusivity is that it enables publishers to charge high prices for scientific papers.

But when you consider the accelerating rate of scientific progress these days, withholding crucial information from the public for one year is like an eternity. That’s especially true for anti-aging research—a field that older people’s lives literally depend on.

Let me give you an example.


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In early March, the media got very excited about a study described in the scientific journal, Evolution Letters. The study found that turning off one of the genes involved in aging doubled lifespans in roundworms.

As an article in the Daily Mail pointed out, roundworm and human genomes are about 80% the same, so the findings might also apply to humans.

While that sounds impressive, I happen to know of several experiments in mice—whose genes resemble human genes much more than roundworms’ do—that have produced even more dramatic results.

In fact, one group of older mice are showing true and permanent age reversal... that means they’ve been rejuvenated to a healthy middle age and stabilized.

  • This is far more than just a doubling of maximum lifespans. It’s the elimination of a maximum lifespan.

This is huge—yet the public has no idea that such biotechnologies exist. As a result, our society is making decisions based on outdated information.

I’m convinced if Baby Boomers knew that age reversal is already possible, they would demand and get access to those technologies.

One big step in the right direction has been the current administration’s passage of Right to Try (RTT) legislation. This new law gives people who are dying the right to try drugs that haven’t yet gone through the extensive traditional drug approval process.

  • To check out ongoing clinical trials for potentially life-saving drugs—or apply to be recruited for any of them—you can visit

(Disclaimer: Just because a study is listed on that website doesn’t necessarily mean it’s been evaluated by the government. The safety of the studies is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Know the risks and potential benefits of clinical studies and talk to your healthcare provider before participating.)

As to age-reversal therapies, I believe that in the relatively near future, word will leak that they exist—and then watch what happens.

Remember, the most powerful human impulse is survival.

Chris Wood
Article Author

Chris Wood

Chris Wood heads our financial research team at Health & Wealth Research. He is also chief investment officer at RiskHedge, a premier research firm focused on profiting from disruptive trends. An accomplished stock picker, he booked 100%+ gains on 7 different stocks in 2017 alone.

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